Holiday Wishlist
  • Give back this holiday season by selecting one of the items on our wishlist to gift to the youth who utilize our Youth Drop-In Center. The Youth Drop-In provides a safe place for youth to engage their peers for networking, fun, and learning. This Center needs an update and we need your help!

  • Buying your gift from Amazon? Make Affirmations your charity of choice so the center can receive 0.5% of the gift purchase price. Find out how to get started by clicking here.

  • Contact Kyle Taylor at or call (248) 398-7105 so that we can take your item off this list and you can find out how to give your gift to the youth of Affirmations!
  • Partner Spotlight

    Thank you Axle Brewing for being such a wonderful community partner. Your help is assisting in keeping our doors open twelve hours a day, six days a week, fifty-two weeks a year!

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