Support & Discussion Groups

All support and discussion groups are held at Affirmations.

Unless otherwise noted, groups are open. Simply show up at the time listed to participate.

Please note, any individual wishing to facilitate a support or discussion group with Affirmations must begin with Volunteer Orientation & Training prior to attending Facilitator Training. This training is open to any and all in the community wishing to gain group facilitation skills.

Upcoming Facilitator Training:
Saturday, July 22nd, 1 to 3:30 p.m.
All interested parties, please contact Heather Aymer, here.

Red Umbrella


Red Umbrella is a group for individuals involved in the erotic labor industry. This group is for those who identify as current or former sex workers, including but not limited to: escorts, adult film performers, webcam models, fetish workers, exotic dancers, street workers, and phone-sex operators. Members will support each other through the model of harm reduction. Takes place every 2nd and 4th Thursday from 7:30-9pm. First meeting is on 4/27/17

LGBTQ in Uniform


LGBTQ in Uniform is a new support and discussion group for members of the LGBTQ+ community who serve. Open to all current and former police, fire, emergency medical personnel and military. The group will meet beginning March 7th, on every first Tuesday, from 7 - 9 p.m.



Unplugged is social and support group for those shunned, disfellowshipped or excommunicated from their religion, family or friends for being LGBTQ. We also welcome those still active in their religion but questioning their faith due to their sexual orientation. This group meets on the 1st Monday of every month, 7:00 p.m. - 8:45 p.m.

Gender Non-Conformists


A social and support group for genderqueer, genderfabulous, transgender, gender-exploring folks, and all those who transgress gender binaries. This safe, open and affirming space is also open to supportive family, friends and significant others. Takes place Thursdays from 7pm-8:30pm.

Affirmations LGBTQ Book and Film Club

Every month we will be picking a book, all themes accepted. Meeting place will be the Bayard Rustin Media Center. Discussions of the book and even movies adapted from books will be discuss and viewed. Meets the third and fourth Thursdays at 7pm.

Upcoming Book Selections:

March 2017: Beyond Magenta: Transgender Teens Speak Out by Susan Kuklin

April 2017: Book - Crooked Letter by Tom Franklin
Movie - Brokeback Mountain

May 2017: Book - Denial Deceit discovery by J. James
Movie - Episodes of The Golden Girls

June 2017: Book - Boy Meets Boy by David Levithan
Movie - TBA

July 2017: Book - The Life of Rock Hudson by Charles River Editors
Movie - Biography Of Rock Hudson

August 2017: Book - Mysterious Skin by Scott Helm
Movie - Mysterious Skin

September 2017: Book - All Out by Alex Newman and Kevin Newman
Movie - Were The World Mine

Coming Out Together

A confidential discussion group covering all aspects of coming out and the effects it may have on your life. Takes place Tuesdays from 7pm-9pm .

Coming Out Over Coffee

A casual discussion group covering all aspects of coming out and the effects it may have on your life.  Takes place Saturdays from 10:30am-12pm.

Senior Koffee Klatch

A discussion and networking group for people 45 and older. Various discussion topics, social outings, and potlucks are incorporated throughout the year. Takes place Wednesdays from 1pm-2:30pm.

Smart Recovery

Smart Recovery offers people with any type of addiction a place to learn how to change unwanted behaviors through cognitive based methods.  This is a non-12 step program that does not require absinence. This group is led by Smart Recovery trained facilitators. Takes place Saturdays from 10am-11:00am.

Smeared Lipstick

Smeared Lipstick is a group for self identified feminine lesbian women to identify issues specific to them. It is a safe space for open discussion, networking and unity building. The group also does a monthly community service project to increase their visibility in every community. Meetings are held every fourth Saturday from 3pm-6pm.

Transgender Life Support

An open discussion group for people identifying as transgender and their allies. Takes place Tuesdays from 7pm-9pm.

Men’s Discussion

Group for gay, bisexual and transgender men ages 18 and up. Topics vary from lighthearted subjects to in-depth discussions. This group frequently offers holiday parties and outings such as movie nights in addition to regular meetings. Takes place Saturdays from 6pm-8pm.  Below are the topics of discussion for the remainder of 2017;

April 1   Game Night & Pizza
April 8   Mental Health Discussion
April 15   Open Discussion Night
April 22   Guns
April 29    Movie Night
May 6   Bisexuality
May 13   Experiences That Changed Your Life
May 20  Addictions
May 27   Memorial Day Picnic
June 3  Ferndale Pride - What are you willing to do?
June 10  Dreams
June 17  Objectification of Straight Men by Gay Men
June 24 Meeting at Briggs Bar and Grill 519 east Jefferson Ave. Detroit, Michigan, 48226
June 25  Meeting at The Detroit Zoo - 11 a.m.

FTM Detroit

This group provides trans men an opportunity to discuss a fuller image of transition within their larger life. Come together and tell your stories of doubt and discovery, invisibility and belonging, isolation and paying wisdom forward, male privilege and vulnerability, integrating intersections of your identities, and learning how to be a good man. Attendance restricted to: FTM/transgender men, anyone who identifies on the transmasculine side of the spectrum. Takes place 2nd Wednesdays and 4th Mondays from 7pm-9pm

Alcoholics Anonymous Brownbaggers

This group meets every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 11:30am-1pm and Saturdays from 1:30pm-3pm.

Alcoholics Anonymous 5:45 Serenity

This group meets every Monday from 5:30pm-7pm.

Narcotics Anonymous

This group meets every Tuesday from 7pm-9pm

Motor City Bears

A gay male, social and fund raising activity group for Bears and admirers, established in 1994. This group meets on the second Saturday of each month from 6:30pm-9pm with a Meet-and-Greet beginning at 5:30pm.

Sexual Addicts Anonymous

This group meets every Monday from 7pm-8:30pm.

Dykes on Bikes

An organization committed to creating a local community of women motorcyclists and friends of women motorcyclists. The group's mission is to support philanthropic endeavors in the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and women’s communities and beyond, and reach out to empower a community of diverse women through rides, charity events, Pride events and education. This group meets the first Wednesday of every month from 6:30pm-8pm.

Lesbian Euchre

This group meets on the 1st Saturday of each month, from 6:30 p.m. until 9 p.m. Please note, this group will not be meeting June through September.

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