Internship Opportunities

The mission of Affirmations is to provide a welcoming space where people of all sexual orientations, gender identities & expressions, and cultures can find support and unconditional acceptance, and where they can learn, grow, socialize and feel safe.

We currently accept intern applications for both graduate and undergraduate students. Internship placements with our counseling program is specific to the graduate students, while other program areas are open to undergraduate students. We know that the experiences our interns take with them have the ability to positively impact the LGBTQ+ community as a whole.

Internship applications require a resume and cover letter describing your interesting and experience working with LGBTQ+ communities as well as your desired goals.

Affirmations Detroit

Availabile Internships

Mental Health Therapist Internship

Interns would be working with the behavioral health team to gain clinical therapy experience working with LGBTQ+ clients. Weekly supervision by a licensed social worker (LMSW) will be provided either in a group or individual setting. Interns can have upwards of 8 clients on their caseload. The number of clients is dependent on how many hours a week the intern can work with their school schedule. Interns required to complete a minimum of 1 shift per week (3 or 4hr shifts available) at Affirmations’ volunteer desk unless the internship is fully remote (replacement activity negotiable).

Length: 1-2 semesters
Level: Masters Level Internship (Advanced or 2nd year MSW only)
Eligible Educational Programs: Social Work (MSW only), Counseling (only if supervision by licensed social workers is permitted by school)

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