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Through individual, couples, relationship, and/or family therapy, Affirmations offers support during difficult phases of life and helps clients explore important issues such as healthy relationships, sexual orientation, gender identity, self-esteem, confidence, and personal growth. We offer LGBTQ+-affirming mental health therapy to clients (regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, gender identity, sexual orientation, disability status, or other identities) in a safe and welcoming environment, rooted in intersectional, anti-oppressive values.

Affirmations’ licensed therapists can work with clients of all ages, and our student therapists can assist adults age 18 and over. We have a low-cost private pay rate, with the option to reduce fees as necessary, and we accept a wide range of insurance.

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Affirmations’ Mental Health Providers:

Zoe Russick Steinfield, LMSW-C, CAADC

I believe anyone can heal and grow, if you feel safe enough to be vulnerable and have the right support. I offer calm non-judgment, and navigation for resolving pain, finding joy, and facing hardships, grounded in your authentic self and values. My lens is client-centered, gender-affirming, strengths-based, systemic, intersectional, trauma-focused, and rooted in my lived experiences as a trans and queer woman. I have a Motivational Interviewing background, borrow from other approaches, and am training in EMDR Therapy. I enjoy working with individual adolescents and adults of any gender, and also practice with relationships and families. Besides work, I love adventure, stories, music, and my partner and dogs.

Sara Krahel, LLMSW-C

I am a queer, disabled therapist who specializes in working with LGBTQIA2S+, disabled and chronically ill individuals. I offer gender-affirming care for folks who are exploring their gender identities and are seeking help through transitioning. In the therapeutic relationship I acknowledge the importance of intersectionality, privilege, oppression and the impact of these forces on our daily lives. I understand that each client needs an individualized approach; as a result, I often integrate many modalities into my sessions, including art therapy, mindfulness-based cognitive therapy, strength-based therapy, and person-centered therapy. I work with individuals and couples of all ages. In my personal life I like to bake from scratch, I am an avid reader, and am a plant lover.

Naheim Rida, LLMSW-C

I view therapy as a unique opportunity to reflect on your identity and experiences, and to lay the foundations for healing and thriving. I hope together we can co-create a space that is safe, inviting, and accepting where you can truly express yourself. I have a passion for offering LGBTQ+ affirming services and helping you navigate through life changes, grief, anxiety, depression, and overcoming trauma. I take a holistic and narrative approach to therapy, using multiple evidence-based practices including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, and Motivational Interviewing. In my free time, I enjoy watching films, drawing, and journaling.

J Kavieff, MSW Candidate

Hello Hello! I’m J Kavieff, a graduate student in the Masters of Social Work Program at the University of Michigan and a therapy intern at Affirmations. Past work includes sexuality research, mentoring Queer Jewish teens, drag benefit shows, past secretary of an LGBT+ media club (in undergrad), and increasing bathroom access for all at my prior university. Some of my hobbies include mushroom foraging/nature, making community meals, watching films, art, board games, dancing, swimming, and video games.

kelsie thorne (kt), M.S., MSW Candidate
(all pronouns are acceptable)

I am passionate about working with individuals/couples who wish to co-create meaning, purpose, and healing for their lives. My therapeutic practice honors wellness as the harmony of the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. Together, we achieve wellness by uplifting your own courage, knowledge, values, and creativity. I exude a humble, tender, grounding, yet vibrant and radical energy. I am guided by the wisdoms of Black feminism, Indigenous communities, intersectionality, critical race theory, and my own experiences as a Black queer woman from a Caribbean immigrant family. I am currently undergoing Reiki Level I training and aim to integrate somatic practices into my work. Beyond work, I revel in funk/house music, cooking with my beloved, and movement of any kind—particularly dance, stretching, biking, and walks with my foster dog.

Jacque Goode, MBA, MSW Candidate

My name is Jacque Goode. I have an MBA with a concentration in Management from Wayne State University, and I am currently pursuing my Master of Social Work from Walden University. I will be graduating in November of this year. I am in the counseling program as a therapist intern at Affirmations. I have over 11 years of experience in advocacy. I want to bring advocacy and awareness to challenges that underserved communities such as LGBTQ+ people and People of Color face. I love spending time with my two children, baking, and doing makeup when I’m not interning.

Key Hockaday, MSW Candidate
(any pronouns are acceptable)

I value collaboration and understanding with clients, and seek to create a safe environment that allows them to open up and be vulnerable. I believe that clients are the experts in their lived experiences and value their strengths and worldviews. I aim to be gender-affirming and inclusive of many backgrounds both in my work and language. I have a background using Motivational Interviewing, Solution-Focused Therapy, and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. Outside of client work, I enjoy painting, writing, and spending time with cats.






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